Little update of the month

May 11, 2023 — trrb

Hello, I am still alive.

I decided to make a small update. It's been three weeks since my last message and I've noticed that people are still visiting my website.


Simple living

April 20, 2023 — trrb

In the modern consumer society, we no longer take time to enjoy the small pleasures of life such as walking barefoot in the grass, admiring the moon, listening to the birds sing, or even being bored. Our time is often devoted to the relentless pursuit of financial gain to satisfy our material needs, which are constantly renewed due to the rapid evolution of technology, programmed obsolescence and the omnipresent advertising that surrounds us.

People who adopt a frugal lifestyle and consume less are often more satisfied with their lives than those who earn less. It seems that satisfaction with material consumption is often fleeting, and that we are always searching for more, insatiable in our desire to possess. Once a purchase decision is made, it is often overshadowed by other concerns, and the pleasure of the purchase can be short-lived.


Slow Life, Less Phone

April 05, 2023 — trrb

Recently, I felt the need to slow down, to live a more peaceful life, without the pressure of answering every call, message or solicitation. I aspire to a life where the use of my phone is limited to calls and messages, in short, to its primary use.

In the past, whenever I had a free moment, whether it was cooking, commuting, or even in the bathroom, I would pull out my phone to distract myself on Reddit or Twitter.

But recently, I realized that without a phone, life is much more interesting. I read several articles and discovered that boredom breeds creativity, which fascinated me.